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posted on: July 12, 2013

I thought I was left-brained.

I did, for so many years. After all, I am organized and analytical. I make lists. I use day planners. Details and definitions and explanations and precision and plans are close friends of mine. Until I started writing in college, really writing, and this right brain of mine spilled out of my fingers and mouth. And when the words landed, they were unique. The combinations were fresh. Witty. Unusual.

I studied art. And I took photographs. I saw films, and painted in pink and orange.

I am creative. I have creativity. It's probably the one part of myself that I truly, truly love. Some days I feel so lucky that my brain works the way it does. That I get to call myself a creative. It makes me proud. But because it's somewhat new to me, I follow those links to the lists about how to be inspired, how to jump start your mind, how to stir up your thoughts. And all of it is fine and great, but I find that the minute I go looking for inspiration, I cannot find it.

Because, for me, inspiration is wild. It is uncontained and overgrown. Savage and free.

I've seen it in the print of a silk scarf. In words from a coworker. In the tragedy of stories. In rain. But it cannot be found. It comes.

I say all of this because lately, well, lately I've been feeling so inspired. I wish that word, INSPIRED, wasn't used so much, because the feeling of INSPIRED deserves a rarer word. It is so full. And it beats.

And so, for Friday, a few things that have meant something to me lately:
1. Apple's newest campaign. Watch and read. I can't get over the words. 
2. Thessaly la Force in general, but specifically, her article on girl crushes. 
3. This interview with Larry Fink, photographer extraordinaire. Especially his thoughts on teaching and revolutions.
4. It's very zeitgeisty, but reading this novel reminded me of the genius of Fitzgerald. "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." Who else has written a sentence like that?

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  1. Whenever I need to feel inspired, I get off the computer. Sounds simple, but it works every time. Taking a walk or reading a book or even driving to the grocery store works better than the computer. It might just be me.

    Thanks for the reminder - it's true that creativity is savage. We've got to use it while we have it.


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