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posted on: May 28, 2013

If there is a perk to finding a job near home and sticking around after graduating from college, it is this: The kid sister that begged to climb into your bed every chance she got (even though hers was perfectly fine), the one who stole your things and eavesdropped and cuddled you to death, she, SHE will become one of your favorite people. One of your best friends.

And it might be because she's fifteen instead of eight. But it's probably because you're twenty-four instead of sixteen. 

So this weekend, while our parents were away celebrating their 25th anniversary (!!!), Emma and I made sure we had just as much fun. On Saturday night, we snatched up some last minute tickets to see Travis Wall's Shaping Sound. As lifetime dancers and longtime So You Think You Can Dance fanatics, we were bound to be entertained. But you know, it was so much more than I expected. It was unlike any dance anything that I've ever seen. So much more revolutionary. Full of so much more heart.

But to me, dance is full of everything. 

And yesterday, we spent the day in SLC walking, eating, and shopping. So I mean, we hated it.

But really, we were having such a grand old time that we didn't even feel bad when our parents sent us texts that looked like this:

3 thought{s}:

  1. Fantastic! I love you girls :)

  2. I need to come on one of these sister dates :) Fun!

  3. Goodness, I miss you. When Mandy is back, please come visit us!


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