it's not versaille

posted on: May 30, 2013

I've decided that I want to be a little less precious about blogging. I'd rather not hem and haw over each little thing so much. So I don't know if that means more posting or less posting, or if it's an attitude or a way or a topic. In any case, I like this thing that Marilynne Robinson said so much, so I'm going to share it:

You have to have a certain detachment in order to see beauty for yourself rather than something that has been put in quotation marks to be understood as "beauty." Think about Dutch painting, where sunlight is falling on a basin of water and a woman is standing there in the clothes that she would wear when she wakes up in the morning--that beauty is a casual glimpse of something very ordinary. Or a painting like Rembrandt's Carcass of Beef, where a simple piece of meat caught his eye because there was something mysterious about it. You also get that in Edward Hopper: Look at the sunlight! or Look at the human being! These are instances of genius. Cultures cherish artists because they are people who can say, Look at that. And it's not Versailles. It's a brick wall with a ray of sunlight falling on it.

3 thought{s}:

  1. I think you're right. But we've all seen the obviously beautiful before, and I like that there are people willing to point out the every day which can be just as precious and good. Is this from Housekeeping? Or did she just say it? I only ask because I'm reading Housekeeping now...

  2. Blogging and my reasons for doing so have definitely changed over the years, but I hope you stick around to blogging (for a lot longer). Pretty, pretty pictures!!


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