caribbean cruise, part I: all aboard and key west

posted on: May 9, 2013

Last week, I hopped on a boat with my family to get some quality time in before my little brother heads to London for the next couple of years to serve a mission for our church. (We're so excited for him, but we'll miss him something awful.)

Cruise liners are getting a bad rap lately, but for relaxation and gluttony purposes, I think they're pretty fabulous. Minimal planning. Sunset perfection. Unlimited ocean and sunshine. Unlimited soft serve. Nightly three-course meals. Mickey Premium bars delivered to your room (!!!!). 

(It's all about the food, if you didn't know.)

We started out in Miami (more on that later), and cruised straight to Key West. We took an all-day bike tour of the little island, and I'm convinced there's no better way to explore a new place. I fell a little bit in love with Key West--the beautiful Victorian/Bahamian/New England architecture, the tropical plants and bright blooms, the anything-goes vibe, KEY LIME PIE. I'm already planning my trip back.

More on the islands and Miami to come.

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