caribbean cruise, part II: the bahamas and disembarking

posted on: May 13, 2013

Next, we stopped at a couple of private islands in the Bahamas to get our beach on. We could not get over that turquoise water--I still think it's artificial. On the second island, we kayaked around a more remote part of the island with a few fabulous guides. We spotted big red starfish, a couple of sting rays, a mama sea turtle and her baby, and some upside down jellyfish--and only 2/3 of the family flipped their kayaks! Success!  

Back on the boat, we continued to eat our hearts out and die over Disneyland-caliber fireworks. Fireworks! On the ocean! What is more magical? (And disruptive to the natural environment!) We were so sad to leave that boat of dreams. Disney, I'll cruise with you anytime.

*Not pictured: Our two servers that served us dinner all week--they had us rolling every night. We love those guys. AND a really epic family showing at an 80's flashback competition went undocumented. But, you know, it's probably better that way...

2 thought{s}:

  1. A Disney cruise?? My heart stopped. That looks so amazing anddd fireworks on a ship would be magical. PS. You look gorgeous!

  2. i hear disney cruises are the way to go. best everything is what i'm told.


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