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posted on: April 17, 2013

The clouds outside my office window are heavy with rain, but spring arrived in the biggest way over the weekend. After work on Friday, I treated myself to warm weather t-shirt shopping (a personal annual holiday, if you can believe it), and a nice long walk in the sun. In wedges. I'll tell you something--my heart and my blistered heels belong to this season. I don't even feel guilty that I'm just getting around to New Year's resolutions, because for all intents and purposes, my new year starts now, in April, when the world is waking up.
So with all those fuzzy sunny feelings, I spent the entirety of Saturday's daylight hours on one little street in Provo. Provo isn't far from home, but I just don't venture back to my college stomping grounds very often. I forget that it's small but so nice, that I have all kinds of beautiful friends there. That early spring is somehow extra good there. Provo, spring looks so good on you.I met up with my friends Gretchen and Melissa in the morning for some Center Street browsing. We were complete suckers and bought friendship bracelets, and I discovered that I will be that obnoxious mother with a penchant for little wooden toys on wheels. I hung around for a little while with Gretchen and her sweet Jude (little boys win in my book). I so loved sitting on her couch and talking about life, while Jude's toddler feet ran between his mother's purse and the doggy puppet on my hand. Such good stuff, you know?Later I lunched with my best college girls at that Provo hot spot, Black Sheep Cafe. Our waitress was a total oddball, and we laughed too loud, but the cactus pear lemonade was extra pink and so divine.Extra pink and so divine.

If you're keeping track, this blog post was about a season, some food, and friends that I love. What else is new?

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  1. we were loving provo center street on friday! it's so perfect, especially in the spring. i think i need to enact warm weather t-shirt shopping as a personal holiday as well. such a good way to welcome spring!

  2. These pictures are so cute! And you know I looooooove Black Sheep Cafe :)

  3. I agree with the little boys comment. There's something special about them. And I love Provo too. It got cool after we left somehow. What's with that?


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