nyc in the spring

posted on: April 8, 2013

Last week, I caught the redeye to New York City to meet my family for a quick 48-hour trip. The main event was seeing my brother play in the NIT tournament at Madison Square Garden, but I was able to fit in a little art and shopping, a late night bite with friends that I adore, and one wonderfully magical show. I sure do love this city. Until next time, NYC.

A few photos, if you want to see: 


5 thought{s}:

  1. so much fun. the only thing better than visiting new york in the fall, is new york in the spring.

  2. Ah, so fun.

    We're traveling to NYC around Christmas this year, I'll definitely be emailing you for tips :)

  3. ahhh new york is my favorite!

  4. These picturessssssss!!!!! I want to go to that place. Now.


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