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posted on: March 21, 2013

I am a black-is-the-new-black sort of girl. I am button-ups, blazers, and stripes. Navy, grey, and white. Red red. I am cropped at the ankle. Nipped at the waist. I am second glances, but not. too. much.

For the longest time, I wanted to define my style in one word. Classic. Simple. Minimal. And every time I picked up a neon tee, a gauzy skirt, or a jacket with leather sleeves, I set it back down. Because I was not trendy, edgy, or bohemian. These things were not me, not my style. I am navy blue!

But one of the best things I've learned in the last year is this: if I like it, it's my style. If I like it, well, I like it. It's fine to like a lot of things. I'm twenty-three, and I'm finally letting myself have leather and hot pink. Revolution. And in fact, as I've been branching out and trying on new things, I feel like I understand my own style better than ever. I can articulate what I like and why I like it. I feel more inspired than ever, too.

I always thought that getting older would mean more control and precision. But for now, it feels like listening and letting myself want what I want. Like cutting out pretense. It feels like self.

(If you're interested, see my style board here.)

5 thought{s}:

  1. you have the best style, i love all your clothes (that i've seen). you are one stylish lady.

  2. Oh I totally relate to this post. Except the other day Jord pointed out how my look is very "classy-bohemian with an edge" (he secretly wishes I was Laura and just wore j.crew and sperry's)... what??? what does that mean??? Sounds like NY has made me branch out to some different styles, yet at the same time I have never embraced wearing black more than now. Basically, my style is complicated. Understand?

  3. i like this post so much because i cant tell you how many times i have needed to feel validated before buying something, because i've been afraid it wasn't "me." anyway, now that i'm back to blogging i want to catch up on commenting (and your amazing new blog design) and say yes, i'd love to have lunch/dinner... tuesday and wednesdays are great for dinner and saturday lunches are great too :) let me know!!


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