posted on: March 19, 2013

Last week, my hair dryer caught on fire. And my most consistent state of being felt like a tangle of stress and insecurity.

But on Friday, I sat in a dark trendy restaurant with the beautiful (inside and out--I had to say it) Kate. We both had the filet and we talked about spring resolutions, personal style, food families, life after college, and genuineness that feels rarer and rarer. Earlier that night, when I met up with Kate in a little vintage store downtown, I was so glad to be unsurprised. She was kind, inquisitive, and real, like I hoped (and knew) she would be. She felt just like a new old friend, if that makes sense. These kind of people are still around, can you believe it? Kate, come to Salt Lake City a little bit more.

I did other things too, a birthday dinner for my best friend on Thursday and shopping on Saturday with my sister. It amazes me how small life things can fill me right up. Sometimes I think that I'll finally be happy when life upheaves dramatically. But really, I'm fine right here. 

There is happiness here.

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  2. I love this reflection. I've felt the same way about the expectation of "life upheaving dramatically" followed by happiness, but it's true it just doesn't work that way. Isn't Kate special? I'm so glad to have met her. I'm sure you are just the same, genuine and deep, an appreciator of art in all its forms, a creator, and beneath it all beautifully kind.
    Here's to being "fine right here" all the time:

  3. Oh Brittany, you are much too sweet. I absolutely loved visiting with you. Soul sisters, for sure. (As in kindred spirits, not The Moulin Rouge.)

    And of course, your words "I think I'll finally be happy when life upheaves dramatically" say exactly what I feel often. It's so nice to be reminded that happiness can be the here and now.

    And you have the cutest, best laugh. Did I tell you that on Friday?

  4. Love this post! You are such a beautiful writer and person. And you went to's my cousins restaurant. Love the pictures you took! You inspire me to be more creative. Just thought I would tell you!

  5. Your hair dryer caught on fire??? Did it burn your hair?

    I am excited to meet Kate when she moves to AZ. Wish you would be here with us too!


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