brunch and book club

posted on: March 4, 2013

First and not-as-foremost, I cannot get over brunch. Weekends are for brunch, and brunch is my meal. I declare it. I met up with my book club friends for brunch at Communal on Saturday. I also left all of my inhibitions in my unmade bed and ordered french toast with apple-grape coulis and other-worldly honey butter. You guys, that honey butter. Let's all commit to brunching a little bit more. Yes? Okay then.

Second and foremost, book club. I feel so lucky to know these ladies who don't mind lingering longer to talk about books, plans, mothers-in-law, the demise of blogging, hard life things, and even some unsavory life things (things that reduce us all to giggles). I feel lucky to know women who are real and brave. If I could grow up to be anything, I would be real and brave. Wouldn't you? 

This is all to say that on Saturday afternoon, when I was feeling full of bread and courage to be more, (and spring decided to come, just for a few hours), I felt so content. Contentedness, I think, may feel better than even happiness.

Here's to that. And to honey butter of course.

7 thought{s}:

  1. It's always good to try something new! Glad the honey-butter was a good taste experience. There's nothing like having a group of like-minded friends that you can talk about anything with from books to life

  2. Loved book club and seeing you so much this trip! You say everything you do so well. I left feeling the same way.

  3. Love it. I'm headed to Communal soon

  4. brunch is my favorite meal as well, i want to brunch every weekend! book club is the best. i loved the paris wife, such a good read. let's do another brunch there in a few months. and let's please get together for dinner soon - i'm really busy the next 2 weeks but i'll message you on some possible dates soon?! :)

  5. There's something so grown-up and glamorous about brunch and book clubs. I love it. :)

  6. good entry! glad to be associated with such amazing and strong women!


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