posted on: February 12, 2013

I'm in the process of making some adjustments and changes to this here blog. I think that I stayed away more and more because it didn't feel completely like me. It was time for a change, you know? I'm still working out some bugs, but everything is feeling a lot more spacious and tidy (if only I could say the same for my bedroom), so I hope these new, yummy vibes will bring me here more often. 

At the end of last year, I thought a lot about blogging and about being online--it definitely breeds comparison and jealousy for me. (Oh, you too?) I wondered if I should leave Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (etcetera etcetera etcetera) all together. Would it be better to pull the plug and live more simply? Well, probably. Yeah, it might. But there's also something to be said for connecting with kindred spirits and finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. So I think it'll be an internal balancing act. Learning to take the good, leave the not-so-good. Be measured. Nothing in excess. You know--life.

And another word on life--you may have noticed a little change in the name of my blog. I've gone from "The Secret Life of B" to just "The Life of B" (don't stress, the URL and all of that has stayed the same). Blogging (read: thinking hard and writing regularly) has actually helped me mesh my outside self with my inside self. Does that make sense? I'm more of a whole self, more self-aware and at ease with being exactly who I know I am. I want to write about life in a genuine way--no pretense, no secrets. 

For me, the best parts of exploring the internet and reading blogs are the bits of real life scattered around. I've found the most beautiful patches of authenticity, and they've meant so much to me.

Point for blogging.

8 thought{s}:

  1. i am liking your changes around here. looks great.
    can't wait to read more from you again. glad you didn't step away from blogging.

  2. You truly have a remarkable level of introspection in your writing. What a wonderful blog.

  3. Gahh!! I love love love the "new" look. You put everything into the best words. Happy your sticking around.

  4. gorgeous photo brittany. i love the new look. blogging is so weird!!! but it's what brought us together so you have to love it right?! :)

  5. You are beautiful. This post just speaks the words I've been mushing around in my head for months. I'm glad you came out on the yes to blogging side. I think I did, too. And the design is perfect! Love it.

  6. i love the look, love this post, and love your writing in general. i read a lot of blogs (probably more than i should), and while most of them give inspiration in one way or another... yours gives me inspiration every time.

  7. The blog looks awesome! I'm feeling the need for changes too, hmm, like writing more? Thanks for the motivation! ((Don't stop blogging!! Ever!!))

  8. Wow wow wow. Amazing blog design! I love it so much. And I am with Ashley - NEVER leave!


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