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posted on: February 26, 2013

A few of you have asked about this new job I've been hinting at. So here we go.

As of January 7th, I have been working as a copywriter on the creative team at an SLC-based company called O.C. Tanner. In short, O.C. Tanner helps businesses and organizations all over the world appreciate their employees. 

I spend most of my time with incredibly talented writers, designers, and animators creating words, images, and programs that will help our clients create an internal culture of recognition. A culture that will help their employees feel like they're making a difference doing whatever it is they're doing. I get to write. I get to have ideas. I meet with impressive clients, and I work with people who are pretty neat. I get to do something that seems like it really matters.

I don't hate it, really. (I really really really love it so far.)

Finding a career path--figuring out what I really want to do professionally--hasn't been easy for me. It isn't easy. I don't know if that's been your experience, but I feel like being a young twenty-something has meant not knowing and still not knowing. At school, I did know that I loved to write. I knew I loved to dabble in design. And as I worked in editing, journalism, and publishing post graduation, I learned that I really loved collaberating with creative people to do creative things. I love thinking and conceptualizing and scribbling on white boards. I like messy brainstorms and the entire creative process. But that's all a bit much for a Google job search.

So now, when I get to do all of this at work, well, I feel so lucky. I'm sure my dream job will change every year (month, day, hour), but for now this job feels right. I'm really happy here.

5 thought{s}:

  1. This sounds so great. I'm so happy you've found a great job that you love! As a fellow twenty-something I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  2. What a fantastic job! Congratulations on being happy in your work... I think that's one of the most wonderful things we can accomplish in our twenties.

  3. 1. you have the cutest blog
    2. i LOVE oc tanner! we are originally from salt lake, {moved to california this year] and my ring is from oc tanner! we love dave peterson!
    3. my brother is a copywriter, such a creative and great job! love it! congrats..

    now following your darling blog!! xo the well-traveled wife

  4. So happy that writing is a part of your everyday. Sounds wonderful.

  5. so glad you love it.

    you should probably just move to new york with all those new yorker covers you have there :)


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