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posted on: February 4, 2013

Okay, okay, I'm here.

I'm here, and I'm just dipping my toe in today. I'd love to say there are big things in the works for this blog--that always more adequately explains extended silence, doesn't it? And I do have some thoughts and ideas for small changes around these parts, but they will be small. Nothing drastic. Art reflects life, as they say.

But it's February 4th, and I could not be happier about it. Let's just take away January's name so that it can finally be the void between Christmas and Valentine's Day that it wants to be. Right? Do you hear me?

More updates to come (including Christmas bits and maybe some thoughts on 2013?), but for now I'll say that I have a new job that I think I'll be crazy about, the skies are a lot more blue than grey these days, and Beyonce just fierced all over that stage last night.

So not that bad, really.

6 thought{s}:

  1. i am still reading because you are a magnificent writer with a darling outfit on in the first picture.

  2. come em' coming girl! can't wait to see you wednesday!

  3. So excited that you posted! Seriously, I got really excited to read it. Guess what! I am almost working downtown and I think we should be regular lunch dates.

  4. So happy that you posted, I've missed reading your wonderful words. Congrats on your new job! :)

  5. So fun! Where are you working now? I want to hear more about that!


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