posted on: October 30, 2012

I spent the last five days in New York City, with friends from both here and there. I could wax poetic--you know I could wax. But I really only need to say that goshdarnit, I love that city. I'd been before of course and it was wonderful and big then, but this time, it was somehow bigger and wonderfuller. Things like driving cars and standing in open spaces and being away from favorite people are all kinds of depressing today.

We were lucky to get out of the city just before Sandy arrived, but I've been checking CNN every hour and worrying about my friends who live there. I'm hoping so much for the whole city.

And so, the place that I'm currently in love with (pre-hurricane-turned-storm), in mostly photos and a few words--

Autumn in the city. 9/11 memorial. Pork dumplings in Chinatown. Pastry samples at Dean and Deluca, thanks to a new friend. Shopping in Soho. Strand Bookstore. Sidewalk art. The Flatiron District. Bod, asleep in the Flatiron District. Shake Shack. Peter and the Starcatcher, in which I laughed my pants off. Cafe Lalo (YGM stop). Crashing on Nik's couch. 

Harlem and Central Park North. A long morning walk through the park (don't get me started on that Central Park). Shopping on Madison and 5th Ave. Lunch at Bloomingdale's with Nik. Laduree (never leave without the pistachio). The top of the Chrysler Building. MoMA moment. The Meatball Shop with Nik and Laura. One rockin' Halloween party and ten people in one bedroom who would really rather chat.

8 thought{s}:

  1. Sounds like the best weekend ever! I've never been to Laduree, but as a Blair Waldorf devotee I really want to. I love that city.

  2. Glad you guys got out of there before the storm.
    Looks like a ton of fun! Makes my heart ache for somewhere I've never been, is that weird? Anywhere with a Laduree has my heart.
    Really loving that Bod fell asleep on bench in the middle of the city. Hilarious.

  3. harlem! yes!
    glad you had fun, lady.

  4. Cafe Lalo. Completely jealous of -- and happy for -- you. :) I love New York.

  5. "Don't you love New York in the fall...?"
    Looks like you had a blast!

  6. Ahhh...I want to go to New York. Also, I love your style and how put together and simple it is.

  7. i'm dying to go back, that city is marvelous.

  8. why was our weekend so amazing????? Let's go back, that's all we can do.


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