posted on: September 24, 2012

On Saturday, I met some of my best friends at Communal for brunch. Why did no one tell me about brunch being the best meal? I really love that the food at Communal is local, fresh, organic, and homemade, but not pretentious at all. And hello, brûléed grapefruit? I'm suggesting this place for every meal out now.

And it doesn't hurt when your brunch-mates are the most pretty and the most fun. (Thanks Tay, for the photos and for bringing your camera!)

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!

6 thought{s}:

  1. Ya just make sure you don't ask for honey!!!

  2. I haven't been there for Brunch yet! I'm dying to go on my next visit to Utah. Maybe we can together?

    1. Yes! Let's go. I'm always up for brunch.

  3. cutest picture/cutest friends.

    have you tried the black sheep kitchen? or something? i'm probably totally off, it's on university ave right off of center... anyway, i think it looks amazing!

  4. how wonderful to have such lovely friends! I'm sure they make the brunch just perfect. :)

  5. We are only getting better, in every way.


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