posted on: July 6, 2012

I met up with Gretch and Amy last week to celebrate Amy's birthday at Red Iguana (the best best Mexican food--do not miss it if you're in SLC). We had so much fun telling stories and listening to each other. I'm so glad that we've stayed so close, even after high school.

This city where I work--it's small but I like it so much.

For three mornings in a row, I brought breakfast strawberries to work in a cup. I munched as I crossed the street and as I rode the elevator up to my office. I ate them slowly at my desk, making them last until 10 o'clock everyday.

My mountains caught on fire this week, and for two days my family sat at the window and watched the ridges and bowls char black. If I wrote about how I feel about it right now, it may sound too dramatic. But I'll write about it someday--mostly, you should know that it was sad. Sad for the people of my small town, and sad for the earth. (Mandy wrote more about the fire here.) But the rain came eventually--we prayed for it and there it was.

I spent my Fourth seeing Spiderman (loved it--hello Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) and eating a fishy dinner with my family. My favorite part? Getting a day off in the middle of a work week. Let's take every holiday on a Wednesday.

3 thought{s}:

  1. You are STUNNING!
    Excited to see Spiderman.
    Will you work in Salt Lake this fall?
    If so, lets get lunch (since I'll be up there soon! :) And lets make it red iguana.

  2. Love these photos! Looks like a fun days :)) xo akiko
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