posted on: July 3, 2012

On Sunday, I went to church, as I always do. We sang America the Beautiful and The Star-Spangled Banner, as we always do at this time of the year. I cried during the last verse of each, as I always do (those songs are pure poetry, you guys).

I think America is so good. For whatever reason, I am especially thankful to be an American this year.

There are a lot of people out there talking about what is wrong with our country. There are, of course, problems in our culture and government. And of course we can have our opinions about the state of the union and about the people who are leading and will lead this county of ours (I certainly have mine).

But we have a brave heritage. We are free, and we can say what we think and choose to do what we want. Most of us are safe, fed, and educated--and we try to help the people who can't be those things. I think a lot of the people in this fine land are trying their best. We try really hard to be good, to be better. I do hope that we aren't trying to be better than any other country or people, but just that we try to be better than ourselves. Perfection isn't the goal, but goodness should be.

Whatever it's worth, that's how I feel about America on the day before Independence Day. It may seem optimistic, but that's the point of all of this American-ness, isn't it?

Happy 4th to all of you! Hope your holiday is firework-filled.

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  1. Totally cried during America the Beautiful at church on Sunday. I love your words today (and everyday), Brittany.

    Ps. Don't know if it's new, but I just noticed the quote in your footer. Speakin' to my heart, sister.

  2. I love this. And agree wholeheartedly.

    Also our chorister forgot it was 4th of July this week until people started bearing their testimonies. So for the closing hymn she threw the pianist for a loop by announcing we would sing America the Beautiful instead.

  3. you are such a beautiful writer brittany. i envy the way you are able to express yourself.

    and i would kill for that home.


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