something (ambition and figuring it all out, part 2)

posted on: May 15, 2012

I used to think that art was a veiled, narrow corridor that only a few prodigies and their superior brains could fit into. Only the people who could paint the best imitations in the best colors, the people who could write the best feelings with the best words, the people who could maneuver the prettiest lines with their bodies were true artists. Only they were included in the hallway of high art.

There were days that I aspired to study these fine people. There were days that I aspired to be one of the fine peoplethe thought of being an artist! There were even days that I thought, maybe, I already was one.

But you know, there are so many of us that create.

There are so many of us that make things with our minds and our hands and our souls. People who make quilts and gardens and murals. People who invent new things, and keep hearts beating longer than they would beat. There are people who make dreams, and careers, and families. 

We make our own lives. There is nothing, and we add bitslumps of clay and splatters of desire--until it is something to look at. 

As I'm deciding what I want to do with myself, I keep saying that over and over. We make our own lives

It is just the most paralyzing and unbinding thought I've ever thought. 

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  1. Brittany, if you want to read something AWESOME you should check out a book called "Nietzsche: Life as Literature." Nietzsche wrote about how everyone is an artist of their own life, a concept I've always found beautiful and intriguing. Maybe if you're a good girl I'll let you borrow my copy. :)

  2. I think about this a lot. We have to decide that we can no longer blame our lives and talent and ambition on anyone but ourselves. It is a tremendous fear of mine, but also enlightening. I don't know what it is about this age, but I have the same thoughts too. I think it's good to be conscious of it, and right now I am resting in the consciousness hoping that I will be ready soon to embrace all of it. So well put.

  3. I love this thought because it gives power to each individual. Even when sometimes it feels like the control lies in someone else's hands, it is so true that we create our lives. I guess that is agency in it's truest definition.

  4. We do make our own lives... sometimes scary, but all very exciting at the same time. Can't wait to see how your life unfolds! Love you.

  5. i love this. i think about this all.the.time. i used to tell myself i couldn't do things and when i turned 25 i told myself NO MORE. no more telling myself i can't do things - i can't even tell you how much happier i've been since i've started trying new things! like going to a blogger book club when i knew absolutely no one! my husband was seriously shocked. now i have so many new friends who i adore.

    i love the way you phrased it - you make your own life. beautiful.

  6. I have seen the statue, really love it!


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