long weekend

posted on: March 7, 2012

Last Thursday I spent an evening catching up with and making big plans with some of my favorite, favorite ladies. I know I say it over and over, but I sometimes can't believe how lucky I am to know such amazing women.

I headed south with my family for a little basketball, shopping, eating, and sunshine. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of the Vegas--the smoke makes my eyes itchy red and there are just too many body parts, well, everywhere. But you know, palm trees and billions of little lights and a divine roast chicken lunch go a long way in my book.

On Monday, I stayed overnight at a Park City resort with my almost-married best friend. We watched vintage Gossip Girl (season one) in bed all night, and grabbed hot chocolate, OJ, and scones on our way back to real life. 

Hope your weekend was fabuous and full too.

4 thought{s}:

  1. Gossip Girl season 1 is timeless! My sister and I watch it once a year, especially love the holiday episodes.

  2. Such a perfect long weekend - the sun, the snow, friends, and gossip girl all thrown together! Pure bliss :)


  3. i miss the old gossip girl! and it would probably be fun to be in a sunny place & a snowy place all in one weekend.
    it was great to see you yesterday :)


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