posted on: March 13, 2012

I couldn't love Target's newest ad campaign more. I believe so much in color--can you do that? Can you believe in visible light and spectrums?

I believe in color because of the winter when I thumb-tacked fabric to my walls--a bright blue impressionist floral with smudges of neon orange and yellow, a soft muslin covered by miniature navy and red dashes, a small swatch of jade linen. It hung in great strokes and swings above my bed. The flowers and dashes draped across my dusty blinds for weeks, and the green wiped the cinders from my soul. The blues, the yellows, that red--they saved me.

I believe in visiting local museums to loiter. I lean in closely to see the gobs of oil color that made up golden streaky fields and pink peculiar faces. I walk the aisles at Home Depot--my love affair with color started there a few years ago, in front of the rainbow wall of paint swatches. 

I believe in painting my fingernails in spicey corals, and in color-coding bookshelves. I believe in looking up to the milky blue sky. The trees will soon popcorn into pink blossoms and yellow blades of baby grass will appear at our feet. The black mountains are washing to a smudgy purple; the sun leaves paintings of orange and fuchsia each evening. I will leave the blinds and curtains pulled to let the tie-dyed sky and supple green canopies in, and I'll feel my own breath so fully. 

Color changes everything.

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  1. yes. it's possible to believe in color. it does change everything. it makes my heart smile.
    i love the way you write.

  2. I wouldn't be lying if I said that your words are as beautiful (and as inspiring) as this commercial. LOVE. Your blog is consistently inspiring. Where do you always find these amazing things?

  3. I love this. Thanks so much, I miss Target commercials. I live in Switzerland right now and we are Targetless over here. So sad.

  4. Agree :) The first thing I do when I move into a new apartment is paint the walls a bright color. And switching up my fingernail polish can make me feel sweet, bold, spicy or sophisticated.
    Plus, they say the color of your dishes even influences your appetite (apparently, blue makes you want to eat less!). Who knew??

    Happy Thursday!
    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  5. such beautiful writing!! and i have a very strange habit of desperately wanting to touch paintings in museums too. i've done it a few times because the paint just looked too delicious! life is so much better when it is colorful. :)

  6. im in love with absolutely every single thing about this commercial and your writing. i want to watch this over and over and over again and read your writing over and over and over again. just like i want to have those colorful little jumping beans run through my life and all over town over and over again. on a daily basis. this might have been my favorite thing i have ever seen. i am loving the whole color movement that is oh so in right now. and i want to do a whole blog post dedicated to your post. you are amazing. and i love you. and here i am staying up late again.

  7. ps that is the first song i ever learned on the piano when i was 6. awesome.


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