on the darkest day

posted on: December 21, 2011

"The human potential is the most magical but also the most elusive fact of life. Men suffer less from hunger or dread than from living under their moral capacity. The atrophy of spirit that most men know and all men fear is tied not so much to deprivation or abuse as it is to their inability to make real the best that lies within them. Defeat begins more with a blur in the vision of what is humanly possible than with the appearance of ogres in the path or a hell beyond the next turning."

Norman Cousins, Saturday Review, 6 February 1965
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  1. so beautiful and true. living our best life is so hard, and when we look back and realize all those little moments, little mornings, where we could have changed course might have made all the difference, it can be truly heartbreaking. thank you for sharing this.


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