a new place i love

posted on: December 12, 2011

Between my wonderful internship, more frequent shopping excursions, and my brother's away basketball games, I've been spending a lot more time (read: most all of my time) in Salt Lake City. I've seen the summer end, the leaves dry up, the winter smog settle in. I've eaten breakfast in the car as sun rises over the mountains. I watch the sun set beneath the skyline each afternoon.

It's exciting to know a new place a little better, to have another set of streets feel like your own.

3 thought{s}:

  1. I like this......You da best!!!!!

  2. I feel yah. for three years I lived only a couple blocks from the University of Utah sign :)

  3. Salt Lake City is so magical to me. I love it and I love working and going to school in this city!


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