posted on: December 31, 2011

Even though my relationship with blogging is fickle (at best some days), I am so thankful for my blog today--on the last day of the year. I love that in twenty minutes I saw just what I've done and remembered some of the things I've learned in 2011.

And I didn't even blog about it all. 2011, in my mind, is the year that I graduated from college and left behind my Provo and a university experience that I can only call glorious. It's also the year that my brother returned home from his two-year mission and my family was finally all together again. 

I also learned that I cared so much about Harry Potter, about Shakespeare, about dance, and about writing. I cared so much about my best friends' weddings (one and two). I actually didn't hate winter so much this year and I celebrated weather. I realized what I want to be, but I learned to be thankful for what and where I am now. I threw parties. I met amazing people. I made some good steps.

Happy new year, friends. I'm excited to face it together.

2 thought{s}:

  1. happy new year, brittany. i hope it brings the most wonderful things your way!

  2. same here.. i really appreciate blogging because it's a great way to reflect on my life and see everything i have done!


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