weekend of weekends

posted on: November 22, 2011

1. My friends know how I love white dinnerware (from our new Crate and Barrel).
2. Tis the season for peppermint hot chocolate and long drives with Stacey.
3. My new watch that I just can't stop looking at.
4. Gretchen and Griffin's little Jude Matthew--my high school bff is a mother!
5-10. Shopping in downtown SLC with my people.
11. These sunsets make traffic almost bearable.
12. I'm a fashion magazine junky (and I still adore the Olsen twins).

5 thought{s}:

  1. What is better than a long drive and peppermint hot chocolates mmm so good!

  2. Peppermint hot chocolate is my favorite! You should try their Peppermint steamers (not as rich and just as good...) And I need to get that issue of Vogue asap!

  3. o look at my cute son :) i am in loooove with C&B. Told miss amy to register there!


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