posted on: October 28, 2011

1. I don't mind the later sunrises.
2. Last treats (from my favorite bakery) shared with friends before the fall of healthy eating.
3. Halloween pumpkins all lined up.
4. I can't even believe I took this picture. For the record, I am against bathroom iPhone photos.
5. Tour of the press. I was much more impressed by the old stuff.
6. Pretty flowers that last into autumn.
7-8. Watching my brother play as a Cougar for the first time.

10 thought{s}:

  1. I wish you would take more of yourself! I love to see what you wear. And my husband is obsessed with your brother now :)

  2. beautiful sunrise shot. yummy food! love me some pumkins. you look so cute! great b-ball shots. i love me some basketball! :)
    happy fall!
    i'm having a GIVEAWAY!

  3. ha! brittany. I am so glad that you are against bathroom photos! Ok time-out, your brother is on the basketball team?! That is awesome. I think we need a blog post just about that. I would love to hear the details! Slash I also love being connected to famous people. So if I know all the scoop I can be like, "Oh yeah, my friend Brittany's brother totally plays basketball."

  4. You are so pretty! And I want to hear more about your life and new job! I demand that you have three new posts by next Friday. (Haha just kidding). But I love it when I get to catch up with your life. You are simply lovely.

  5. you are so beautiful. i love that old stuff too! it would be so cool to learn how to work with that! go cougs!!!

  6. I would totes take a bathroom iPhone photo if I had that skirt on.

  7. miss you! We need to plan our November get together with Nik soon!

  8. Love these snippets! You should try the 365 challenge next year. It can be difficult but also very fun!

    Happy weekend! :)


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