being a lady, and a guest post

posted on: September 1, 2011

Yesterday I guest posted on Mandy's blog, Love You Long Time. I've known Mandy since high school and she was one of the first people I connected with in the blogging world. I think the world of her--she really is intelligent and refined. I like her and her blog so much. Mandy and women like her have really inspired me to become the best kind of woman, and I decided to write about what being a lady means to me. You can find my post here.

And make sure to read the other guest posts this week! Kelsie posted today about her summer stay in New Zealand and I loved what she said about traveling and the perspective it gives.

Happy Thursday friends!


2 thought{s}:

  1. I loved your post. When Mandy told me you'd be guest posting as well, my first reaction was: oh on second thought, maybe I won't... Haha. It's a little impossible to follow your words because you write so beautifully and meaningfully - and your insight on "being a lady" was perfect. I will always read whatever you write.

    Happy Thursday to you Brit!

  2. I loved your post and I loved getting your writing in the mail and I love you.

    Ps. I've been reading a book called "How to live like a lady" -- how well timed you are.


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