posted on: August 4, 2011

I sat in church, sharing a hymn book with a new friend
and clumsily harmonized with his deep voice.
He held the pages in the just the right spots so I could see all the words.

I walked home in the good sun
and the mud from the storms clung to my heels in great gobs.

I clapped with my uncles and aunts and parents and grandparents
when my littlest cousin took her some of her first precarious steps.

I closed myself in a dressing room with pretty dresses and I
swiveled to peek at my reflection over my shoulder. I will wait for a sale.

I ate dinner from a communal pizza box as we drove to the mountains.

I read my book about Americans in Paris aloud for a little while
and I prayed for my short plans, for my mother, and for my friends who need help.

I know that life is pretty plain,
that happiness is simple if you look for it in the right places.

6 thought{s}:

  1. beautiful picture, brittany. the sky has been so pretty this summer with all the storms.

    ps. i miss your face. but not at all the class we shared :)

  2. You always get me with your words, B. Always :)

    Belly B :)

  3. THIS is simple and beautiful! xoxo

  4. wow, i love this post. beautiful words. and you're so right!

  5. I like this. Like I like everything you write. I think even if you wrote about things I don't like (like sushi and Lady Gaga) I would probably like them too.

  6. I've spent the last few minutes reading your words. They are so pretty and perfect.


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