all us kids

posted on: August 29, 2011

I spent a few days with my little cousins while their parents were away. They explained to me why their hair wouldn't curl and how to wiggle shin guards on over long black socks. And how Hawaiian pizza is cooked over those beachy volcanos. We were all just children together--I the oldest and most allowed to use sharp knives and stay up late reading catalogues in bed.

4 thought{s}:

  1. haha cute kids. is that isaac on the top right!?

  2. B the way you capture and beautify these simple moments literally brings tears to my eyes. Never stop writing.

  3. aw, they sound so precious and very wise ha.:) I love spending time with my little cousins it reminds me of how innocent and curious life was back then. what a fun day!! <3

  4. these photos are so perfect. love them all. and sounds like so much fun :)


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