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posted on: July 19, 2011

My sweet cousin Kailey came to spend the weekend with me in Provo. As she moves into her first college apartment, I'll be leaving my last (terrible luck), so we treated our little weekend like an unofficial college life orientation. We went to movies, indulged in yummy food, walked around campus, drove up the canyon for the view, and took late night swims. Though campus is pretty quiet in the summer and Provo seemed a little empty and sleepy, I was so proud to show my places off. She is so smart and confident already, but I'm excited for her to live this life.

We ate lime and strawberry popsicles on my bed and I tried to tell her about the fullness of college. About the sometimes loneliness of it all. About the shocking things you learn to think and the small ways you stop being a child.

But I stopped myself before I said too much. I'd hate to ruin her surprise--it's almost the best part. 

5 thought{s}:

  1. so happy for kailey! byu is the best place on earth [at least when you're between the ages of 18-24] and i miss it tons! sounds like a fun weekend :)

  2. the surprise -- the growing up, the becoming your own, the discovery, the taking your breath away with greatness -- is indeed the best part. watching someone else go through it is almost as good as going through it all yourself.

  3. um... you girls are (almost) twins! lucky for her that she has you to show her around

  4. How wonderful! Although I feel like every step of my life gets better and better, I do miss those free spirit days.

  5. The loneliness of college is almost suffocating sometimes. It is something that no one told me. I wish I had someone like you to prepare me. My sisters just told me about all of the cute boys and late nights :)


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