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posted on: July 13, 2011

The blogosphere will undoubtedly be inundated with Harry Potter farewells, and I want to add my own bit.

I enjoyed the company of some other Potter-philes over the weekend and we gushed together--about late nights under lamps and in theaters. We credited J.K. for being honest about evil, for giving us a Hermione, and for making glasses sexy. We've been spoiled by Dumbledore's wisdom, by Dobby's loyalty, by Snape's conflict. We learned friendship, goodness, bravery, and love.

We saluted our childhoods, at a late 22, and swore that we would convert our own children to reading and to adventuring. It's been a fourteen-year fantasy that at times seemed more real than real life. It is a world that has meant the world--and I'm only just realizing that.

I lost it watching this, from the London premiere.

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  1. what a great post. i love that picture and can't believe i haven't seen it before! it's fantastic. it is so sad to think that this chapter of our lives will be officially closed in a few days. i don't know how to live without having to wait for a book or movie to come out!

  2. love this post. I love the way you've worded what he's meant to us. Because there IS a collective "us" which is the greatest thing ever. Can we force our children to have HP themed bday parties? They will think it is old and outdated but we will force them to love.

  3. So true. Also, what a sweet graphic.

    I'm pretty happy we met in real life!

  4. what a wonderful tribute -- i've got my own coming friday. he's just grown up with us, hasn't he? i really hate to see them all go... thank goodness for re-readability.

  5. love this cute.

  6. So true. Will you be seeing it at midnight? It's already out here in New Zealand but I'm opting to go see it in Sydney Australia next weekend ... Can't even wait! Will most definitely probably cry.

  7. Oh my. Love this. Just saw the movie and it's the end all over again. Definitely crying. You wrote about everyone's feelings so eloquently.


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