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posted on: June 17, 2011

Yesterday I took the last test and turned in the last paper of my undergraduate education. 
It doesn't feel like all that much now, but it will be soon I think.
It will feel like all that much.
I'm sure I'll be back here, to write it all down.

For now, I'm breathing in all the late mornings and sugar syrup. 

I hope you're doing the same. Have a wonderful weekend.

4 thought{s}:

  1. Congratulations lady, that is huge!

  2. Congratulations!! :) I just finished my undergraduate education too.

    <3 Belly B

  3. congratulations on being done! that must be such a rewarding feeling. and just in time for summer too!

  4. congrats. lady. what an accomplishment. so proud of you right now!


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