posted on: May 19, 2011

Have I ever told you that my favorite kind of food is a sandwich?
And my favorite color is always a shade of blue or pink?

Or that I secretly listen to show tunes and country in my car.
That I prefer small groups and best friends.
That if I understood science, I would be a doctor.
That I think peas and corn on the cob are divine.
That my future home will be all too black and white.
And that my sixth grade teacher, Miss Fisher, told me I was great--
so I believed her.

I must have shared that spring is the best, even when it's short.
Crinkled eyes and broad shoulders just do it for me.
Big jewelry is the best.
Ranunculus and anemones, the prettiest.
Whole Foods is heaven on earth.

And that I still watch Gossip Girl for Chuck and Blair.
I would suffer (more than I should admit) without my iPhone.
I wear my hair in waves most days.
I may never throw my magazine collection away.

What are your favorite things?

10 thought{s}:

  1. i love this. i agree with you on the small groups and best friends and iPhone bits. crooked smiles are my kryptonite and i collect national geographics like nobody's bizniss.

  2. Your 6th grade teacher is so sweet! :)

    <3 Belly B

  3. You love sandwiches??
    Me too! Haha.
    That, chick-o-sticks, cherry chapstick, and the way you write = all favorites.

  4. I love this. You are great! XO!

  5. are you a show-tunes saturday KOSY 106.5 addict? :) i'm with you on the black and white home...so classy. the crinkled eyes and broad shoulders with a beautiful smile totally does it for me. love your writing!!!

  6. i, too, feel totally naked without my phone.

    sometimes, when it gets bad, I wonder if i should give it up for a bit.

    loved this post. : )

  7. we sound like the same person. i mostly just like all food though. :)

  8. ps. happy birthday my dear. i hope it was lovely.

  9. why are you so fabulous? i adore you.


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