one through three, tonight

posted on: April 7, 2011

1. I went to Smith's in grey sweatshorts, a white v-neck, flakey mascara, and my cargo jacket with the collar standing up because it makes me feel in charge. I thought about wearing my new red shoes instead of the old brown loafers--the new red suedey shoes that were $6.24 and have a mini wedge heel. They are a size too big and I bought them anyway because they remind me of a pair from Cos that I wanted and I love them. I thought about gliding into them and smoothing all around the grocery store to buy cookies for my classmates tomorrow.

2. There is this one girl that I sit next to in class. She wears ruffled blouses and tortoise clips in her hair and the way she crosses her legs is just the most graceful thing I have ever seen. We are friends. We became friends on the warmest day in February. I remember that because we had class on the roof and we didn't even listen to the teacher because the sun was out, huzzah. My friend and I don't know each other very well, and we may never to be honest. But we are the same. She writes about her Scrabble club and I write about my little sister and we hide our smiles during the ridiculous comments. My friend was accepted into a creative writing graduate program, for creative non-fiction. She will be a master of her fine art. And I found out what real envy is.

3. I'm going to write. I'm going to find out how to make it a real thing and not only a thing that kids profess they want after they find out they can't grow up to be ballerinas and Buzz Lightyear. I just want to write about my red shoes, that's all.

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  1. this is really lovely. do what you love. write about those beautiful red shoes please.

  2. Oh this is so lovely. you will be a fabulous writer. You have such a way with words.

    I found this the other day and instantly thought of you. The last line is probably the most perfect thing ever and I feel totally applies:

  3. Haha....she writes about me! Jealous much?

  4. I feel inferior to emma now. but iiiiiii was there when you bought those shoes.

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  6. I know exactly what you mean about finding a way to making writing something real.
    Sending you all of my support.

    Have a lovely weekend, lady!

  7. this is utterly fabulous babe! honestly... you have a talent!

  8. can i be you for a day? please?


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