a gentleperson morning

posted on: April 29, 2011

I planned on waking up to my alarm clock at 3:00 a.m. to catch Kate M. climb out of the queen's Bentley at Westminster. But I must have sleepily pressed snooze over and over. Over and over as Kate M. became a princess in her dress and diamonds. But, I saw it all this morning as I did my makeup. She was beautiful and he was happy and I thought, you know, there just may be some goodness left. There may be space for decorum and pomp--space for lightness and celebrations. Places for gentlemen and ladies, everywhere. As I blushed my cheeks, I hoped so hard that they will stay happy.

On another note entirely, all this processional coverage is making me miss London in the worst way.
Happy weekend, folks. I hope it's the best.

3 thought{s}:

  1. So magical. Wish I could've seen it, sitting next to the Beckhams of course.
    New wedding colors to consider? Royal blue, red and yellow

  2. i wish i could have seen it. sometimes i really hate work. but you but i stalked out her wedding dress as soon as i sat in my cubicle. it's perfect.
    i was talking about will and kate with my mom and she said that they seem genuinely happy. i agree with you. there is goodness left. i hope they can stay happy and strong and together.

  3. I think they will stay happy. And I think if I had it my way, Prince Harry would come knocking on my door right about now.


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