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posted on: March 30, 2011

Lately, I'm really loving illustrator/author Leanne Shapton. She writes beautiful prose, but I keep finding myself swooning over her paintings. When in London last summer, I inevitably spent a lot of time in museums and I surprised myself with a new desire to paint. To be honest, I haven't even bought brushes or canvas--but if I could and did paint, I would do it just like Leanne. Her casual strokes and luxurious colors convey such easy sophistication.

Her New York Times online series "A month of..." features little paintings of Sunday walks, Monday shower songs, and Tuesday blooms. Ingenious, really. I love the idea of recording everyday details, like tree trunks and shampoo bottles, through beautiful art. 

5 thought{s}:

  1. we should take an art class! i wanna paint too

  2. I love this painting-simple and just lovely!

  3. I want to paint too.. I tried this weekend and was surprised at how much I love it, and how easily it comes. So much like writing. Once you start, you surprise yourself.

  4. I have NEVER heard of her. I am so grateful you posted about her. It's all so beautiful!!!

  5. where do you find such beautiful pictures and paintings? so pretty.


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