posted on: March 16, 2011

I am a defender of magic.

I believe in magenta sunsets and dew on new blades of grass.
I believe that youth is powerful and birthdays are for ordinary royalty.
I believe in loud laughter and in the joy that we create for ourselves.
I believe in people who are refined and poised.
I believe in sequins and in shining moments of summer.
I believe in understanding the abilities of human beings.
I believe in healing and in growing taller and swelling bigger.
I believe in hope and in the dreams we barely let ourselves dream.
I believe that things will be as they should.

I am a defender of magic--a very real kind of magic.


8 thought{s}:

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I feel like I just say this about every single thing you write, but I don't care, because it's always true. Thanks for making my Wednesday.

  2. you have such a way with words, m'dear.

  3. can i be a defender of magic with you? i've never thought of it in that way - but i think that is beautiful. and i love that the image is from disney! pretty sure i go to allll the time just to hear the background music and imagine my next dream vacation!

  4. that picture is wonderfully perfect. and your words are magical. They make me happy :)

  5. you are so amazing. are we going to get together already or what my love>!

  6. So wonderful, britt. I love your writing, always! That's why it's so hard to edit in class :) You have such a magical way with words...Can i be a defender of magic with you?

  7. Me too. And that photo is fantastic.

  8. This post is great!


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