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posted on: March 7, 2011

The rain has been deftly tapping my window since I came home at 4:15. I know rain is terribly romantic and we all rave about it now and again--but this rain is mine. Really, it rained for me and I wished it here. I wished it when I saw the mountains sitting in their fog this morning and I said to my window, rain would be nice. It came and it licked my heels and watered my ambition, and I probably grew three inches today.

So when I came home, I napped in and out of it and curled under it and prayed it would just never stop.

photo: National Geographic contest winner

10 thought{s}:

  1. Rain is the very very best. I am Seattle-bound for sure.

    Thank you for wishing it here!

  2. ummm I don't think that you can control the weather. but if you did then I appreciate it because I looooved wearing my rainboots tonight.

  3. Your writing always makes me swoon.

  4. if you wished the rain, then who brought the snow here huh?
    i love you. rain is napping weather for sure

  5. ah girl, i just love your posts. love them to bits. this one and the last made me so happy - i love how you think and what you do.

    i hope you are well.

    x MAUD

  6. I think you make everything sound so terribly romantic. I want to write this one down.

  7. I love the rain. And I really like the refining post too. So much.

  8. i'm in such a better mood whenever it rains. i love it.

  9. love your style!
    you´re so cute...



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