posted on: February 14, 2011

folks, i've been running a marathon this past week--and it's still not over. school and work and new plans are keeping me occupied, but i can't let valentine's day pass without confetti or balloons or maybe a blog post. i'm waiting for some photos to develop, so here i am. here to make a list, inspired by my friend nik:

i love when the sun comes out. i love framed pictures. i love white plates. i love my iphone. i love to cook. i love soft music. i love e-mails. i love my friends. i love driving. i love eating out. i love being late. i love sweaters and scarves. i love sunday dinner with my family. i love netflix. i love paperclips. i love big mountains. i love good jokes. i love strawberry sorbet. i love going to the theatre. i love writing on my blog. i love stripes. i love singing in the shower. i love conversations. i love reading poetry. i love my window when it is open. i love red nail polish. i love closed renauculas. i love to organize. i love to feel.

happy valentine's, xoxo.

[image: check out these e-vday cards by kate spade]

3 thought{s}:

  1. I love good conversation and to feel as well!

    Regarding the marathon: pace yourself!

  2. i love you! hope we get to see each other this week despite the marathon

  3. I love strawberry sorbet and open windows too.

    And that picture... Happy Vday friend.


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