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posted on: February 7, 2011

I relatively recently discovered my love for my own home, here in the Utah mountains.
Not that I disliked it before, but now I feel a certain loyalty to it.
So when people criticize this place (which is unnecessarily often), I have to bite my tongue--
because I have a very long list of the things I love about it.

My life with my family, the friends I have met, and the earth that surrounds me
are so so important to me, so I will most likely always love my first home best.

That said, a friend told me about her Georgia home this weekend.
And I remembered when I went to Charleston for the first time, and to Savannah.
And if I had to choose another home for right now, I would choose the South.
Because even though my hair does funny things in humidity, I liked it so much there.
I don't claim to know it well or to understand the marbled culture,
but it felt like it could be a home. Comfortable like that.

And I wouldn't mind the warmer weather this morning, to be honest.

What about you?
What do you love about your home now?
Is there a place you'd like to live?

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  1. utah is really great. i feel sad that it is bashed on a lot... but that is a whole different story. utah is one of the prettiest places in the world, really. pretty and quirky :)
    i LOVE dc. i love love love it. more each day. but i also love a lot of other places and i want to experience them like i have dc. hmmm predicament.
    i hope to visit charleston and savannah sometime soon. hopefully in the next year or so.

  2. I love where I live. My family is close, we have 4 seasons! Utah is such a great place full of great people. Utah is not my original home, but is sure has welcomed me with open arms!

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  4. I might be guilty of complaining about Utah every now and then. But to my defense all I say is I am not equipped to live in the snow or the cold, haha. I think the mountains are gorgeous, and the landscapes of Utah in general blow me away. I have also come to love the beauty of four distinct seasons. Fall is my favorite time in Utah. However, I think everyone develops a love specific to their home. I grew up in San Diego. So for me, the warm weather, sand between my toes, the smell of salt in the air, and the comforting sight of a palm tree warms my heart :) But the key is, there is beauty in everything, and you have to be willing to see it.

  5. I only started to like Stanford this year... now that I'm graduating in June. Better late than never? California is my favorite, though. I'm so happy to call it home.

  6. I like where I live (Arizona) but my hubby and I went to the south last year and I must agree that Georgia is beautiful! I love Southern homes

  7. o good spot. especially that house.
    we're gonna live in cali and have a season pass to disneyland. feel free to come visit anytime :)

  8. I love Utah too, but I don't really like the South too much. My sisters live there though... I would rather live in the East. I fell in love with CT, even though the West will always have a soft spot.

  9. Every picture I see of Utah makes me want to visit! It seems so beautiful!
    I love living in Portland, Oregon, but if we ever had to move I'd want to go to Southern California (where I am originally from) or Colorado (where I have family. Both are so different from each other and from Portland, but they are all a different kind of beauty, right?!

  10. Oh this makes me happy :)
    The south just warms my heart. The land and homes are gorgeous. We really experience all four seasons and spend entire summers outdoors.
    But maybe most importantly -- southern hospitality. It's not just a stereotype!

    Come visit! We'll sit on the porch and drink sweet tea :)

  11. i AM DYING TO MOVE TO EUROPE. like dying. my mom is danish and my dad is irish. both full. and my whole fam has spent tons of time in eur- except for me. boo. i dont think it will happen for a while though, you know with the whole life thing, so right now, i would be very happy to move to NYC and call it home for a few years :)
    and ummm when can we go to lunch? or dinner? breakfast or desert? hey im flexible!

  12. I live in Europe!!! :) I Invite you here :)

    Kisses! xo

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  14. i do miss the South sometimes, i'm from Charleston! i miss the slow pace, cobblestone streets, history and friendly people! (your right though, the humidity i can do without!)

    i'm learning to really like L.A. :)
    it does has its perks- sunshine, endless opportunities, diverse culture, year round farmers markets... not a bad place to call home!

  15. I'd live in Boston, or DC, as we discussed. In fact, sometimes I'd give my right arm to live there.

    But Utah mountains (especially in the fall) will always make me like this is home.

  16. Where is your house in Utah? I love my moms house in Utah, and I love my apartment here! It was built in 1906 and has so much charm, yet updated, so best of both worlds!

  17. i used to have something against utah, but then every time i visited my older sister i loved it. and quickly realized that it's so beautiful there!

    we'll be in arizona forever probably. but someday i'll have a summer home in oregon or washington.

  18. Being a southern girl with every inch of my being I would love to live out west.
    Sounds like we could trade lives for a sec right?

  19. Being a southern girl with every inch of my being I would love to live out west.
    Sounds like we could trade lives for a sec right?


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