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posted on: January 21, 2011

I really prefer just early-morning-cold or almost-nightime-cold.
I want to go to Disneyland so much.
One time I saw chevron in a really old cathedral/abbey/whatever.
So very tired. What gives?
I admire those people with effortless bangs, a lot.
The top of my right ring finger hurts because I slipped on the ice two weeks ago blaaaah.
People should paint their walls navy.
I am pro at rolling my eyes and ignoring car horns.
Remember when Play-Doh was the best thing ever? 
Sun is back...goshit'sabouttime.

Clearly interning is enthralling ^^^

8 thought{s}:

  1. OMG I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!! lets be H those pics made my whole week. your hair looks fab

  2. In total agreement about those people with effortless bangs. Let me in the club!

  3. i love you. and miss you. when are we going to go play?

  4. You are way too cool to go to BYU...
    Haha jk. But really.

    And I need to go to Disneyland once a year.

  5. wait. you are still interning? wth? are we friends?
    also I'm willing to pay to go to disneyland if you are.
    also also did you say you admired me? me and my effortless bangs? oh gosh gee oh me oh my I didn't know you admired me in that way.

  6. This made me smile and laugh. Love you pretty girl!

  7. haha love this. and no more sun in provo. poo.

  8. ok. i want to go to disneyland so so so badly. right now.


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