meeting kelsie (and brittany!)

posted on: January 31, 2011

Kelsie and I have been blog friends for what feels like ten years. This girl makes time machines and loves E.E. Cummings--I just knew we were kindred spirits as soon as I pored over her blog a couple of years ago. After a few failed attempts, we finally met up for lunch at Guru's this weekend. And I really can't say enough about her.  We spent a long lunch talking about blogging, the men in and out of our lives, and Boston. She seriously is just as wonderful and passionate (and beautiful!) as she is on her blog--and I feel so grateful that we are real life friends now.

Ohhh but that's not all. As we left lunch, Kelsie and I were asked to be in a small commercial--we'll be  famous soon probably maybe. And then we turned around to see another blog friend, Brittany, heading to lunch with her husband! Guys, I am not making this up. After lots of ohmygoshing and hugging and cameras, Kelsie and I completely intruded and joined Brittany and Jacob on their lunch date. Brittany has the most adorable closet, home, and blog. And of course, she was just as wonderful in person.

To be honest, I sometimes feel weird about this big blogging world and wonder about the connections I have made. But after Saturday, I feel lucky to have met so many wonderful women through blogging--I was so impressed by Kelsie and Brittany's sincerity. It's exciting to create friendships with women who share my excitement for life. Like Brittany said, it's just online BFFing. I love that. 

So here's to blogging.
To blogging and to new friends.

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  1. blogging is really great for all that. so fun you finally got to meet these lovely ladies! i love it. i love bloggy friends.

  2. poring/pouring. maybe you should review that english major.

  3. I love this- how fun you got to meet fellow bloggers! I just heard recently about blogging conferences and things of that nature. I think it would be so much fun to do something like that!

  4. um...commercial??! do tell...
    that's so fun Brit!!! i love both their blogs.

  5. Guess what girlfriend - I talked to my dad and he definitely knows your dad too!! What a small world. We were fated to be friends, like I said... Can't wait til we're fated to be super stars, either.

    Lunch was so wonderful! And I'm excited to see you again! You are sweet and beautiful! I still wish I was half as cool as you, but at least I can be your friend?

  6. Hey, i just stumbled across your blog, and i think it's really cute!

    Thought i would say hi!


  7. I LOVE this. I love that you know Kelsie because she is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Somehow, Lone Peak and Spanish Fork have similar people. I want to see this commercial! :)

  8. cute!!!! i want to meet all 3 of you too! how fun. too bad i don't live in provo-town and can't run into you on the street... when you're filming a commercial. haha.

    i love all 3 of you!

  9. I love the blogging world for this exact reason :) How funny you ran into another fellow blogger! haha

  10. umm i am in love. with this post! you are so darling! are we still on for thurs night?


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