posted on: December 15, 2010

I doodle in cursive.
I sing show tunes in the shower.
I order anything with avocado.
I twirl my hair while chatting on the phone.
I stick my tongue out...all the time.
I always choose navy or gray or white.
I curse the beginning of winter.
I never forget birthdays (it's hers today).
I check my email incessantly.
I wear thick scarves and call it style.
I bop to the radio.
I sometimes speak in a British accent.
I peruse Williams-Sonoma when I have an hour.
I stay up too late every night.
I rarely remember my dreams.
I like simple.

What are some of your habits?

13 thought{s}:

  1. We have a lot of similarities. Mostly show tunes and color choice.

    I bite my nails. Still. I am 22. So does my husband. ?

  2. i totally doodle in cursive too. i check my phone every 5 min to see if anyone decided to call or text but usually, they never do haha
    plus i dream about landon clegg. geez

  3. I love this list! And being that Williams offers warm cider while shopping this time of year I find my perusing getting more and more frequent. I love big scarves as well .... super stylish! Love this post! xo

  4. cutie pa-tutie. i write in cursive because i have the handwriting of a small boy. your blog never fails to make me smile. :)

  5. i bite my nails. and just like you i like to sing in the shower. :D

  6. You are so sweet! I just love you and love our picture together :)

  7. I have a lot of nervous habits, but I've realized my biggest habit happens to be that I'm a chatterbox. I talk talk talk talk and talk. Which is why I'm so happy that we will meet when I get back from New Zealand! It's totally for sure happening. I swear we were meant to be real life friends.

  8. oh i sing in the shower too!! I try not to...

    this list was so fun to read and it made me smile! xo

  9. Okay, just found your blog and LOVE IT! You are so gorgeous and I love this post. Oh, and a habit? Eating every 10 minutes.

  10. Lately I have been really craving anything with avocado too! As in I'll be trying to fall asleep and thinking about how all I really want is guacamole. Haha.

  11. i. LOVE that you sometimes speak with a British accent cause I SOOO do that! haha! lOve it.

  12. I love this! I always eat to the point of being sick.
    i wear too many skirts
    i am a loud gum chewer and blow bubbles all day long.

  13. You are so wonderful with darling habits! You go to byu? Um hello! I live in Provo! Pretty sure we must meet up! Hope you are just soaking up every second of holiday cheer! And I love that we have twinner skirts!
    Merry merry merry christmas dear!


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