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posted on: December 1, 2010

Some days, I feel glamorous.  It usually happens on Sundays when I am wearing tights or on Thursdays when I know my wavy hair is bouncing as I trot across parking lots.  I feel that way when I speak (broken) French and when I order my Cobb salad and water with lemon please.  And also while I thumb through Vogue.

I like feeling glamorous.

Some other days, I am ordinary.  I feel ordinary when I peel my orange at work, when I comment in class, and when I practice my cursive in the margins.  And while buttoning my coat in the morning.  I feel that way on Tuesdays when I sing along to Beauty and the Beast in my car and on Saturdays when I jog past pretty homes.

I like ordinary too.

What makes you feel glamorous?  Ordinary?

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7 thought{s}:

  1. i love this.
    most days i feel ordinary. but the times i feel glamorous are fantastic. it's been fairly extreme lately since i've been staying in my pajamas all day. but when i do go out, it's a big deal and i have to make myself look good.
    and i feel better. i do. funny how that works.
    again, i love this.

  2. Glamorous: riding on planes, having terrible handwriting, using Moleskines, going to events at night when it's snowy outside

    Unglamorous: wearing socks from Costco.

  3. When I dab on a red lip stain or put on my brown leather boots I feel glamorous or when I paint my nails. I feel ordinary when I drink my tea in the morning, run a long trail run or practice yoga. I love wearing a sweatshirt with comfy pants when I return from class ... I must say feeling ordinary is sometimes GLAMOROUS! XO Loved this post!

  4. I love this post. I cannot even remember when I started reading your blog or how I found it. But I fell in love with the words you write, and stayed.

    Glamorous: Date night with my handsome suit coat wearing hubbin as I walk with my hand safely tucked inside his knowing he is all mine and that to him I am beautiful.

    Ordinary: changing my 13th diaper of the day, not yet showered as I rush off to help in my daughter's classroom.

    (Ordinary is lovely.)

  5. I love this. I love feeling glamorous. Today wasn't a glamorous day, that's for sure...But the mornings when I wake up early enough to fit in studying, pilates, breakfast, reading, and giving myself enough time to really get ready and even wear jewelry - has to be my favorite kind of mornings because that's when I feel glamorous.

    I think you're darling, and I love the new blog layout!

  6. Today I felt glamourous wearing a cute plaid black and white coat, my pearls, and my hair was softly curled. I feel ordinary a lot of the time, but I love this post and those moments wear you feel a little glamorous. I think it's important to celebrate those moments.

  7. This is great!
    Gives myself to compliment a bit ..
    hmm, I think I feel glamorous when I'm getting READY to go out, like the 'process' of getting ready to go somewhere for the night with friends and stuff, I think that's when i feel the prettiest then too,
    haha x)



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