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posted on: November 9, 2010

"When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, 
you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary 
because it tastes like what it is."

Amen, Alice Waters.  This bit is written on a chalkboard at one of my favorite restaurants; I first read it about a year ago, and I've been thinking about it.  For a whole year, perhaps.  I've also been watching Jamie Oliver, and reading Michael Pollan, and talking to my wonderful mother.  I like food.  I love that it gathers friends and creates homes.  I think food is so much more than fuel; it brings me joy.  When I was in France this summer, I fell in love with enjoying the freshest food.  The French see artistry and passion in food.  In my future life I want to create a similar culture of food, where I am constantly learning about health and preparation, where I cook with friends and family and we eat leisurely together.

And I believe everyone should eat what make them feel the very best.  For me, it's clean, simple food.  Food that is what it is, like Alice said.  I'm working really hard to find the very cleanest food, and eat it simply.  That's what makes me feel healthy and alive.  A lot of time that means organic, and most times it means fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  I still love mac and cheese and ice cream cones, believe me.  But my body is recognizing what feels good and that is wonderful.  Although I'm still working on this myself, this is something that I've started to feel really strongly about and I'm excited to further educate myself in food and cooking.

How do you feel about food?  What's your philosophy?  

photo of a favorite French summer meal: fresh veggies and salmon

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  1. I LOVE this post!
    I'll spare you my tangent on food.. but I'm right there with you on this, sister!

  2. i love the simplicity. experimenting. experiencing. exploring. trying new ingredients. try, try again. it's all great.
    food really does bring people together and i love that.
    I LOVE FOOD too. :)

  3. LOVE this. food is a powerful tool. it can bring people together, and we get to choose what we put on their plates. can i just write ditto? i havent met many girls that share this ideal, they see cooking as a task, i could cook all day. can we be next door neighbors?

  4. I did a whole philosophy project on the philosophy of food as an aesthetic. I like it a lot, I am learning how to make it better, and I am learning that I need a lot less than I get. I like this.

  5. i totally agree with this. i can't say i'm doing too well at it right now, considering i've had fast food twice in the past week. sickk. but i definitely have been thinking about it more!

  6. LOVE this post. Why do you think I am going to teach foods in high schools? It's not only my passion but it's important to people. It's a dying art, the art of making food. It brings family and friends together and a way that cultures can express themselves. You can learn so much about people with the food they eat. I try to sneak a peak at everyone's food pantry when I'm at a different place. It's so enlightening. I'm glad you love food too. I'm constantly thinking throughout the day what I'll make for dinner. ha :) you're cute.

  7. Coming from somebody whose so picky, and cooking-handicapped, I like this thought a lot. I always stick with simple things when I have people over, and heaven knows I don't cook anything for myself, but I'd like to try to be better at this, and this post was quite inspiring!

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  9. I happen to be a hostess at the restaurant which boasts that beautiful quote by Alice. Come in and say hi sometime. :)


    my view on food is simple... pay attention to how what you eat makes you feel. I'm vegetarian because that's what works for me and feels best. But everyone needs to go on their own journey in finding what feels good for them. the point is to pay attention to what you eat.

    Love the blog.. keep it up. :)

  10. i couldn't agree with this any more. and oh how i love that quote. i think what you said on my blog is right on--people can actually change their taste for food by investing time in eating real foods, simple foods and so yes, a person can crave lettuce! but it takes time, effort and commitment... i love you're putting it all together.


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