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posted on: November 12, 2010

I would call myself a school person. I love attending a university and being a part of this culture of learning.  But this semester has really frustrated me.  I've had to take some classes I'm not in love with and I'm just feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of work I'm having to squeeze between attending class, working, interning, and trying to be a good friend.  I've been feeling like I was having to rush through life. I was missing cooking, and laughing, and exercising, and blogging.  And I was mad at school for all of that.  And I wanted to love my education again.

But this week, after doing some lengthy research and heavy lifting in the library, I walked home with my £2 Oxford canvas bag filled with books and watched my breath in the chilly air.  And I silently thanked the sky for that big library, and for the things I've learned in those isles of books.  And again this morning, after an opportune compliment from a favorite professor.  Because it's all filled me up to the brim, really.

That said, I'm happy to welcome this weekend, wrapped with scarves and warmed by breakfast dates.

Happy, happy weekend.

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  1. You make campus, school, and homework sound absolutely beautiful and enthralling...wish I could always feel that same way about school work.

    And what beautiful pictures of the JSB! Just for fun, you should go on the roof sometime with marshmallow guns and have at it... Haha. Although it's juvenile, it's so fun.

  2. brittany. you are too amazing. im in love with your blog. and so pleasured to have the same name. where do you live/go to school? those pics kinda look like utah state. where i went and was entirely in ,love with. yes, i did almost go on a mission. about four times. i got stopped a week before my mtc date with the knowledge that i had a hole in the center of my heart.it is quite the story. if you would like to know it in depth. let me know,. i don't want to bore you with details otherwise.
    i hope you know how wonderful and inspiring you are. just to be happy.

  3. Did you take those photos? Because they are breathtaking!

  4. duuuude. That's the same as I feel this semester. I usually feel like my mind has been blown with knowledge a few times a semester (it happens pretty easily :) and get all inspired, but this semester has just been lackluster. Which makes hw all the more boring.

    Yay for looking forward to new classes though! I'm a school girl at heart. I don't know what I'll do when I'm done...

  5. I've never seen the JSB so beautiful.

    And yes, school is tough but then there are those priceless moments when you realize you don't want to be anywhere else.

  6. This post is exactly how I felt last week!! Life is crazy right now with books, school, my internship and yes trying to be a good friend. But, it was funny because last week as I was walking on a trail on campus I thought WOW one day I am going to really miss this!! Hugs to you!! XO


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