posted on: November 23, 2010

i know i talk about my little discouragements here and while they are very real to me, 
i am also so aware of the immense joy in my life.
my days are filled by time with dear ones, lots of leaves, and just a few goodbyes.
i couldn't be more grateful for my little life, and the family and friends I am lucky to love.

happy, happy thanksgiving to you all.

[last year's thank you list]

2 thought{s}:

  1. I think Thanksgiving should be a week long celebration completely devoted to remembering all that we've been blessed with, by spending time with those we love. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Brittany!

    And PS.
    A year of working til grad school sounds divine. As crazy as it sounds, I am so excited to enter into the "work force" - haha but that is so exciting. What grad schools are you planning on going to? Is the U still an option? Or are you wanting to stay at the Y? Maybe somewhere far away? And yes. I switched majors. I'm still minoring in English because honestly, whats not to love about reading for your homework? But I'm majoring now in Communications with an emphasis in Television Broadcasting. So yes. You better believe you'll see me hosting the evening news one of these days :)

  2. o how i wish i was in your life lately.
    You girls looked bangin at bijou!
    love you!


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