posted on: November 19, 2010

I've been promising that when I graduate with my English degree I won't read for a year.
False.  I know myself better than that.

I will read the novels on my list, the terrible populars, the back of my cereal boxes, and a real newspaper.  I will even re-read all the things I read these past four years because I wish I could have learned more and enjoyed more.  I will spend more time in Barnes and Noble (a feat) and I will comb thrift stores for castoff treasures.  I will line up my books (pretty and otherwise) on my little white book shelf and love them so much.

We all know and love these; I started my collection in Paris and plan to add over the years.  But Penguin just released these newly designed children's classics, and I think they are so sweet.  I'd love them for my little ones someday, but I'll probably steal them for my own.

Have you found any beautiful books lately (inside or outside)?

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  1. My favorite book is East of Eden ... I love the descriptive prose. My cookbooks are pretty gorgeous on the outside and on the inside. Loved this post and I cherish a good book!! xo

  2. Sigh... school hasn't allowed me time for reading unfortunately. But I love reading, and the smell of new books.

  3. These are just lovely.
    And your way with words always makes my day.. have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. What pretty little things. They'd make an excellent Christmas present too! Brittany, when are you graduating? What are your plans once you finish? Grad school??

  5. AH! those are great great great. also i would greatly love to spend all day in barnes in noble one day. wanna join?

  6. I just came across your blog and love it. I can tell you are an English major by your writing. Your newest follower :)


  7. It's like they are too pretty to read!

    I have absolutely no time to read right now with school and work (except of course the occasional Glamour) so I am no help in the recommendation department.

  8. I love the Penguin Classics. Lucky you for starting a collection!

    And I felt the same way about English, but now it is so fun being able to read ANYTHING I want. I just finished Cold Sassy Tree, re-read the entire Hunger Games series and am now reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is so fun.


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