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posted on: October 4, 2010

It’s ELLE’s 25th birthday, and to celebrate they asked their favorite up-and-comers to talk about being mid-twenty-somethings.  ELLE asked them about where they thought they’d be and about the things they wanted for themselves:

I’m twenty-one, and I’m not where I thought I’d be.  I’m noshing on an everything bagel that I evidently did not talk myself out of eating, reading a magazine that I have no intention of purchasing.  I didn't wash my hair today.  I wore this shirt last night--horizontal stripes, no less.  I don’t say what I mean and my eyes water entirely too much (mostly with happy tears).  You know, I’m not really sure where I saw myself at twenty-one; I think I saw a strong woman though, but I may have seen her in high heels and red nail-polish, cradling a magnificent handbag in the crook of her arm.  She may have been firmly opinionated and was most assuredly (not too) crazy in love with her accountant prince.

I do paint my nails red.

But I wear flats most days.  I mascara my tired eyes each morning and laugh loudly when I feel like it.  I bring flowers to sad friends.  My backpack can be my boyfriend.  And I pick myself up off of the floor when I need to.

The ELLE ladies are certainly beautiful and successful.  Their racing careers and big plans are neat. I look down at my plan-changing, sesame-seed covered self and the only thing I can think of wanting today is a chilly rain.  But if ELLE really knew me, they’d put me in their pages, maybe edging out Lauren Conrad or Bar Refaeli. 

I'm marvelous. So marvelous.

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  1. I read this three times. Greatness.

  2. No, you really are.

    I just told a guy friend from h.s who will go unnamed that if I were a guy I would look pretty seriously at dating Brittany Austin, and then marrying her because she'd make one hell of a wife.

    Sorry for the cuss word, but that's actually what I said. Because that's how great I think you are.

  3. um yes i love love love this! and you....you, me, bod and cupcakes soon...please?

  4. You are strong and amazing and this post is OOZING WITH INSPIRATION!

    I love it! I might now not be where I had wanted to be at 23 but I know it's a good place still.

    I can breathe with ease and comfort. I am glad you feel the same. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. YEAH!
    I really like you for this.
    It's funny but like Julie said- with greatness.

  6. So glad that I found your blog again!

  7. Loveeeeeee this! and also, that picture is really cute.

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  9. Alright you are my idol. This post was so inspiring (and so relatable) I had to read it three times. In fact have I told you that all my friends read (and love) your blog and yes, they quote you in their life books too. You're that amazing. And marvelous. So, so marvelous.

    PS. I can't wait for lunch! What an awful time for me to get sick, but next week I will be better! (and if I'm not I'm giving up on life, so lunch may never happen...haha) but it's about time we finally become "real life"/blogging/twinner friends!

  10. this was really perfect and pretty.

    everything bagels are the best. i definitely saw myself in a very different place at 21 as well. and i generally feel a sense of guilt about not washing my hair every day.

    loving your blog and your writing. i will be hanging around to read more.



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