let's be honest, 7

posted on: October 18, 2010

Friendly borrowed bamboo.
Secretly glad* lauren conrad is returning to reality.
Using pencils again; I'm a scholar.
Happy for their happy.
Writing papers while listening to Ina.
Warm laundry on my bed and
a white pumpkin.

*read: overjoyed

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8 thought{s}:

  1. I enjoyed this post. You are lovely. xo

  2. okay, seriously loved this. where is lauren returning to?! she's my guilty pleasure. can we be blog friends again? i've been slacking. :)

  3. Just so you know, you have always been my own Lauren Conrad :) also you can keep that friendly bamboo...if you want ;)

  4. I am glad she is coming back too... And your let's be honests are my fave.

  5. you are so shallow.

    lauren conrad got that braid from YOU.

    duh duh duh I want to see your face, I freak out all the time these days, and I need your reason.

  6. Girl - I have to admit I love LC. And these lists. Lunch is so still on the agenda - I just have to get completely better so I don't spread this never-ending cough - or else I'd make a horrible first impression haha.

  7. so happy she's coming back :)

  8. She looked so good in TV, hey? Loved the leopard and marc kitten heels.


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