posted on: September 18, 2010

I was a self-proclaimed city girl.
I like the quick elegance and intellectualism.

But then, we hiked to Dove Cottage and I fell in love with the Lake District.
I had a Wordsworthian moment as I breathed in the lakes and listened to the green.
And I learned that William Wordsworth was all about 
simple living and high thinking.
Those are his words. That's what he wanted there in his hills.
Me too, me too.

So perhaps, I am still a city girl.
But perhaps not.

13 thought{s}:

  1. is this my photo? haha love it :]

  2. same here! I can never decide if I like the country or the city best

    country would probably win out- but only if it's green.

  3. this would be lovely, but a city girl might get bored of it at one point. I am afraid I might..

  4. that place looks amazing + beautiful. i love both city and country; could never choose one over the other.

  5. I absolutely love this!! Hugs to you! xo

  6. I love city so so so much, but it's always amazing to be around the mountains!

  7. beautiful. whenever i get stuck on a writing assignment, i think, brittany would know what to write! haha - i know that sounds weird but it's true. you really have such a special gift!

  8. high thinking. I should be more of a high thinker, I think.

  9. I LOVE THE LAKE DISTRICT! When we are rich lets each buy a cottage there and go all the time!

  10. Simple living and high thinking.
    Hmm, so good!
    A lot of people choose simple thinking abd high living- it's more fun, I suppose.
    Thanks for a good thought! I may write that one down.

  11. ps. lunch date? yes yes yes yes. i'll email you my number so we can set it up!

  12. Your blog is beautiful (and so are you)!! I'm looking forward to keeping up with you, my dear!! :)

  13. your words are so simple but it gets me thinking for a moment..


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